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Patient Protection

The Blockley Partnership would like to inform patients that, for their safety, we adopt the following procedures:

  • The recommended British Dental Association guidelines for cross-infection
    control are followed. This is because the only way to ensure each patient´s
    safety is to assume that every patient presents a potential risk to every other
    patient and indeed to the dentist and nurse. We practice the same methods of
    cross-infection control for every patient.
  • All instruments and hand pieces are sterilised between appointments in
    an autoclave (a machine that sterilises instruments). This process causes
    accelerated degeneration of the hand pieces. We regularly invest in updating
    the equipment we use and maintain it to the highest standards.
  • Our autoclaves and sterilisers are monitored regularly by an independent
    body to ensure that they are functioning effectively.
  • Disposable items are used wherever possible e.g suction tubes, cups,
    protective sheaths, unit covers etc.
  • A pre-sterilised single-use needle is always used for every patient and
    has been within the practice for the last forty years.
  • Gloves are worn for all procedures. Protective glasses are provided
    for patients whenever necessary.
  • Overalls, masks and glasses are worn by members of the dental team.
  • To prevent cross infection and accidental inhalation or swallowing of
    the small instruments that some treatments require, we use rubber dam
    (a protective barrier).
  • All our clinical waste and contaminated sharp items are disposed of in
    the recommended manner by registered carriers and incinerated to
    prevent contamination of land-fill sites.
  • Our X ray technique, film speed and intensifying screens are all recognised
    as reducing radiation exposure to a minimum.
  • We have an audited Quality Assurance programme for all X rays taken
    in the practice.
  • We only take X rays when indicated and use alternative methods where
    possible. We use a digital X-ray system which minimises patient radiation
    but at the same time maximises image quality.
  • We constantly review our procedures and keep abreast of the latest
    research. We would like to reassure all our patients of our commitment
    to the highest standard of infection control as well as dental excellence.